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In the feudal dynasties of ancient China, the eldest son was the first heir in rituals, and the prince was the legal first heir. Therefore, as long as special circumstances such as war and early death did not occur, the eldest son would naturally become the prince. And today’s protagonist Li Xian (formerly known as Li Chengqi, changed his name because of Tang Ruizong Zhaocheng's empress, and Li Xian’s name will be used in the rest of the text), who had been the eldest son for 8 years, suddenly became a prince. The emperor's grandson finally refused to serve as the prince again. The most amazing thing is that no matter who is the emperor, he can settle down and stand, and he will eventually be recorded in history as the emperor's etiquette. So, what are the commendable stories behind this series? Let us pay attention to the fourth period of the legendary emperor chapter, the Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty most respected.


In 679 AD, Li Dan, the prime minister at the time, welcomed his eldest son, first named Li Chengqi, and later renamed Li Xian (formerly known as Li Chengqi, because Tang Ruizong Zhao became the empress, but he avoided changing his name, and later named Li Xian uniformly). Named as Yongping County King.

公元679年,当时的总理李丹欢迎他的长子李承first,后来改名为李宪(原名李承Cheng,因为唐瑞宗赵成为皇后,但他避免改名) ,后来统一命名为李贤)。命名为永平县景。

In 684 AD, Wu Zetian made his fourth son Li Dan the emperor, who was Tang Ruizong. As Li Dan's eldest son, Li Xian, who was only six years old, should have become the crown prince. However, six years later, in 690 AD, Wu Zetian established himself as an emperor and relegated Li Dan as the emperor's heir. Li Xian became the emperor's grandson again, and was forced to accept the first life transition. According to the tradition of emperor replacement before the Tang Dynasty, the abandoned prince and related figures generally did not get a good ending, but because Li Dan was Wu Zetian's own son, the emperor Li Xian left the court as a vassal.


We mentioned above that after Wu Zetian established the State of Zhou, Li Xian left the imperial court as the emperor and grandson. According to the normal historical trend, leaving the central government this time, I am afraid that he will miss the throne for his whole life, and it would be very good to save his life. However, history is such a miracle, Li Xian ushered in the second turning point in his life.


That is, in the fifth year (710) after Wu Zetian's death, Li Xian's younger brother Linzi Wang Li Longji launched the Tang Long coup, pushing his father Tang Ruizong Li Dan to the throne. Therefore, Tang Ruizong, who became the emperor for the second time, faced the biggest problem of appointing the crown prince, because one was the eldest son of a virtuous aunt, and the other was the son of the concubine who had absolutely support for it. At this moment, Li Xian took the initiative The letter to the letter has avoided the disasters that brothers may bring to the country and the people, and has become a commendable story for future generations.

也就是说,在武则天死后的第五年(710年),李贤的弟弟林子王李隆吉发动了唐隆政变,将父亲唐瑞宗李丹推上了王位。因此,第二次成为皇帝的唐瑞宗面临任命皇太子的最大问题,因为一个人是贤良姨妈的长子,另一个是absolutely子的儿子,他对此绝对支持。 。这时,李宪主动出击,《信》避免了兄弟俩给国家和人民带来的灾难,并成为子孙后代值得称赞的故事。

Looking through the history of the Tang Dynasty, there are countless examples of princes killing each other, and it is common for the new emperor to kill his brother who threatened his throne after he came to the throne. However, after Tang Xuanzong came to the throne, he was very grateful for his elder brother Li Xian's resignation, and named Li Xian the king of the Song Dynasty, and successively bestowed him on Shangshu Zuopushe, Situ, and Kaifuyitong Sansi. Most notably, Li Xian passed away in the first month of Tianbao’s first year, which means that he and his brother Li Longji spent a full 20 years of prosperous time, and he also received the posthumous title of the emperor and was buried in the emperor’s etiquette. Huiling. Today, when we recall this period of history, we can’t help feeling that Li Xian is really the luckiest prince in ancient times.


Born in 679, he was named the king of Yongping County (now Teng County, Guangxi) (at that time Emperor Tang Gaozong Li Zhi, was named the eldest son and grandson of the prime minister Li Dan)


In 684, at the age of 6, he was crowned prince (when his father Li Dan came to the throne)


In 690, at the age of 12, he became the emperor's grandson again (when Wu Zetian proclaimed himself emperor, his father Li Dan was relegated to the emperor's heir)


In 693, at the age of 15, he was renamed the King of Shouchun County (now Shou County, Anhui)


From 701 to 704, he served as Dr. Zuo Zanshan-the fifth grade of Zheng, and Dr. Yinqing Guanglu-the third grade of Cong (Wu Zetian Current Administration)


In 705, at the age of 27, he was still the King of Shouchun County (Uncle Tang Zhongzong Li Xian was reset, and he was named King Cai, but he did not dare to be the king)


In July 710, he was appointed the king of Song Dynasty, and served as General Zuowei, Yongzhou Mu, Prince Crown Prince, and Yangzhou Metropolitan Governor (third brother Li Longji launched the Shenlong coup, and his father Tang Ruizong Li Dan was reset and resigned as the prince)


At the end of 710, Song Wang, Ren Shangshu Zuo Pu shot-Prime Minister, Situ, Prince Crown Prince, Yangzhou Governor


At the beginning of 711, Song Wang, guest of the prince, the governor of Yangzhou


In the middle of 711, Song Wang served as Situ and Governor of Puzhou, and Governor of Yangzhou City (because Tang Ruizong’s sister Taiping stopped the final prime minister in Guangfanmen, implying that they should change the crown prince, and all the people present were shocked. Song Jing, the third-ranking member of Tongzhong Shushu, asked the princess why the current prince Li Longji had the merits to make such a suggestion? After that, Song Jing and Yao Chong, two famous men and women, said to Tang Ruizong Li Dan: If you are in trouble with Song Wang Li Chengqi, you can release Song Wang as the provincial governor.” When Princess Taiping learned about it, she blamed Prince Li Longji, and Li Longji was pressured to tell her father: “Song Jing and Yao Chong provoke me and my aunt Princess Taiping. Relationship. In the end, the incident ended with the demotion of Yao Yuanzhi as the governor of Shenzhou and Song Jing as the governor of Chuzhou. The relationship between father, son and brother was not affected)


712. In August, Song Wang, appointed Sikong, Taiwei, Yangzhou Governor (third brother Li Longji ascended the throne)

712. 8月,宋旺任命四公,泰威,扬州总督(三兄弟李隆基即位)

In 713, the king of Song Dynasty, served as Kaifuyitong Sansi, Qizhou Governor (the first year of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty)


In 716, King Ning served as the third division of Kaifuyitong and the provincial governors of Zezhou and Jingzhou (because the birth mother of Tang Xuanzong Zhaocheng empress Tang Xuanzong's biological mother avoided taboo, the name was changed to Li Xian)


In 722, King Ning was appointed as Kaifuyi Tong Sansi and Tai Changqing


In 727, King Ning served as the third division of Kaifuyi


In 734, King Ning was appointed as Kaifuyi Tong Sansi and Taiwei


He passed away in 742, posthumous posthumous posthumous title, posthumously named Emperor Rang, buried in Huiling


Longjibai: A generation of brothers, who survived for a while, the family's gift is to express feelings, express feelings, and sorrow. The eldest brother is a filial piety friend, Mo Yan in modern times, tasted the five kings, and opened the mansion together. Far from childhood, almost grown. If you go out, you will travel together, and you will learn in the same industry. The country is struggling, the righteous capital is restrained, the first emperor is imperial, the sun and the moon are shining. The eldest brother's long-term eldest, he is the second to the elder brother. He is the heir and guards Zichen, everything is in charge, and the leisure of listening to the dynasty has to be displayed in his arms. For more than a decade, Dihua has withered, and it is said that the brothers are the only ones. Let Fu fall into ruin, there is nothing wrong with it, so I admire it with this, how can I hate it. However, if Yi Jue was born, who is not to be thankful? So the precious light is to act virtuously, to show the lofty, to stand up for the name, and to be immortal. Big brother's deeds. The body is dead for survival, so the book is called let the emperor, the god of Zhaoge, when it is honored.


Involuntary is a big label of the ancient royal family, and it often appears in the tragic characters of film and television drama. The young people who recall Li Xian can also be summed up by this word. But why Li Xian was able to become the luckiest prince was due to his benevolent and benevolent nature in his bones. He was able to face the supremacy of rights and was willing to give up. He was able to take into account the overall situation of the country and adapt to the situation, which indirectly brought the Tang Dynasty This is the story of Kaiyuan Prosperity. Imagine that if many princes in ancient times were able to focus on the overall situation, be grateful, and be able to think about brotherhood, even if they only did one of them, there would not be so many tragedies in ancient times, so that China Secession, turmoil in the country, and disastrous life. From this perspective, Li Xian is great.


Character determines destiny, which is always vividly reflected at critical times. If you are not sure when you can have a good destiny, then cultivate more good habits and build a better character.


Li Xianci allowed the crown prince and Li Longji to ascend the throne, so that the central court of Empress Wu Zetian really survived the crisis. Do you think he can be regarded as a great contributor to the prosperity of Kaiyuan? What kind of ability did he get the life of Tang Xuanzong? trust.


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